Food Adventure: It's More Fun in The Philippines!

March 19, 2013

Hello our lovely foodies!

Apologies for the delay in posting. Here it is! My Food Adventure during my 4-week vacation in the Philippines! I have to say, I probably spent half my pocket money on food! I also got too keen to try out the food that it slipped my mind to note the names and prices of what I ordered - whoopsies. What I remembered is to take photos of the scrumptious meals I had!

Without further ado, here are the top restaurants and cafes (in no specific order) I went to during my food adventure!

First, Mr. Litson says hi :"> nomnomnom

What To Do: Overripe Avocados

January 30, 2013


Like me, I'm sure all of you have these little things here and there in your kitchen that you have no idea how to use or where to place. Sometimes the only solution is to just chuck them in the bin. BUT before you do that, let's see if we can put that something into good use, okay?

Here and back again

January 20, 2013

Hey foodies!

Did you miss us?! Because we definitely missed you guys! *cue tears of joy*

Daruma (Sushi-Go-Round)

June 16, 2012

Hello food groupies!

It's time to share another food adventure! :D If you're following us on twitter and facebook, you might have seen a teaser photo we published yesterday (if not, you can like our facebook page here! So, on to the newest food adventure!

Quick Review:

UoA Special: Relax Lounge

June 02, 2012

Hello hello food groupies! :D

Welcome to part three of our UoA Special! Today we'll be reviewing the Quad's Relax Lounge. Maybe you've seen it before but never really had the time to go in? Get a preview right here, now!

Quick Review: