UoA Special: Relax Lounge

June 02, 2012

Hello hello food groupies! :D

Welcome to part three of our UoA Special! Today we'll be reviewing the Quad's Relax Lounge. Maybe you've seen it before but never really had the time to go in? Get a preview right here, now!

Quick Review:

Hi guys! Kaka here!

Now, I didn't know about this cute cafe until about my 2nd year at uni, but when I found out about it I fell in love with their interior! It's so cute inside! There are cute little windows with potted plants along the ledge, and nice couches and the lighting makes the ambiance so good as well! I could probably hang around here all day! The first time I went there with Tata, we were too full to have food so we got a drink each. I got a White Chocolate Mochaccino, which sadly didn't taste half as good as starbucks' :( I was disappointed coz I could hardly taste the white chocolate in it, it almost tasted just like a cappuccino. However, I thought I shouldn't fully judge the place yet as I haven't tried their food menu..

Kaka's drink: White Chocolate Mochaccino
Tata's Drink: Cold Lemon Iced Tea
The next time I came to Relax Lounge, I tried their Mexican Tortilla Stack and got a Mochaccino as well (it was freezing!!). It tasted good, I was a bit surprised that it didn't come with a side of salad though. I wasn't sure if I was supposed to ask for it or something, but I just always expected a meal like this to come with a bit of greens on the side. Instead there was some sweet chilli, and tomato sauce. It tasted good, it was basically like chilli con carne in between tortillas, with melted cheese on top. I think I might have liked it more if it was spicier. Here's a photo of my meal:

Mexican Tortilla Stack: $8.90
My first meal of the day! haha
Mochaccino (large): $4.20

Verdict: I give Relax Lounge 3 spoons. Their food selection isn't as varied as the other cafes at uni, and sadly, I didn't love their coffee as well. What I loved though, was the way they designed their interior! It was so homey and just made me feel so comfortable!


And because Tata couldn't be there for the 2nd trip, I invited the duo behind the very cool psych blog - BrainBreaking (if you're a psych student at UoA you've probably read about their blog on Psyche!): Marnelli & Pin to be my guest eaters! If you remember, Marnelli won our Happy Hearts Giveaway, and Pin was our first guest eater in our Tasca Cafe review. Keep reading to see their thoughts on Relax Lounge! First off is Marnelli's review!
Relax Lounge is super cozy and I love the ambiance. I love the little details in little corners. The food is just average though. Not bad, but not awesome. I liked my fruit danish, it was alright. And green tea is green tea. [haha!] 
Okiedokie..That's all! :) 
xx Marnelli
Here's Marnelli with her danish and green tea :)
A closer look at her Fruit Danish: $4.20
Wondering what Pin thought? Read on to find out!

Hello again lovely food groupies! 
First off, I was so happy to get a chance to eat with kaka again, as uni has been a lot less exciting without both Tata and Kaka there! 
So I went to Relax Lounge with Kaka and my BrainBreaking co-blogger Marnelli (because we both love coffee!) for a quick afternoon snack. I love the place because of the cozy and warm atmosphere, and because of all their cute furnitures! It makes you feel like you're in some European cafe! They even had a new lamp when we went there! 
The food though is pretty average, In fact, you can get the chocolate danish which I ordered from another cafe in uni. But chocolate danish is still chocolate danish, and it's awesome. I absolutely love the chocolate in it (surprisingly, I enjoy it more when it's crunchy and not melted! [Pin had her danish toasted for the first time]). I ordered a cappuccino, and the little sprinkles of chocolate powder in it was really yum (you can tell I needed my chocolate fix that day). 
So if you're not feeling particularly picky about your food, and you want a really lovely place to chill out in uni, then Relax Lounge is for you! Until next time then! 
Here's Pin and her chocolatey meal! :)
Cappuccino (large): $4.20
A closer look at her Chocolate Danish: $4.20

When things get in the way of food it really really sucks! >:( I'm a bit sad that I wasn't able to join in for the little redo in the cafe, but to be honest it wasn't really one of my favorite places. When I drank their ice tea it tasted like water and food coloring. We were laughing so much because I put in so much sugar just to get some semblance of taste. However, I can't really be mean and criticize the whole place because of one sill ice tea, can I?

Ice Tea and Coffee
I probably could, but I can't! Because despite the fail-ness of the drink the actual place would make me want to come back. The ceiling was interesting, the choice of furniture was amusing and best of all, I cannot really shun them to a boo without really eating anything!

Relax Lounge 
So I will temporarily give this place a Meh with 2 spoons. However, I will update this when I get the chance to eat again.

See us a few months ago when we were still scouring uni for its glorious food choices in its slightly pricey cafe!


Well that's it lovelies! Remember to check back again next week for some awesome food stuff. Also please visit Pin and Marnelli's awesome Psych Blog, it's full of awesome posts that tells and in depth about everyday things we do! Check it out!


Want to eat here as well? Restaurant details are below!

Relax Lounge
34 Princes Street, Auckland CBD

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