Food Adventure: It's More Fun in The Philippines!

March 19, 2013

Hello our lovely foodies!

Apologies for the delay in posting. Here it is! My Food Adventure during my 4-week vacation in the Philippines! I have to say, I probably spent half my pocket money on food! I also got too keen to try out the food that it slipped my mind to note the names and prices of what I ordered - whoopsies. What I remembered is to take photos of the scrumptious meals I had!

Without further ado, here are the top restaurants and cafes (in no specific order) I went to during my food adventure!

First, Mr. Litson says hi :"> nomnomnom

Stop #1: Asuncion's Cafe at Pulsar Hotel

My good friend Jeremy manages Pulsar Hotel and the two restaurants in the hotel, one of which is Asuncion's Cafe. He invited me to have dinner and give feedback on their specials. Needless to say I was pleasantly surprised by the fusion dishes he chose for our group! This would be a great place to go to when celebrating special occasions, or when you're trying to impress a date ;) And if you're ready to try out new dishes! I especially loved the adobo ribs - oh so goood!

Asuncion's Cafe is located at Capitol Hills, Caggay, Tuguegarao City, Cagayan Valley.

Asuncion's Cafe at Pulsar Hotel
Stop #2: J. Co Donuts & Coffee

With the rise of cupcakes and the like, it was very pleasant to find a really nice donut shop. To be honest, I didn't understand what the fuss was about when I first went in with my friend Ariana. Luckily, my initial non-interest was quickly replaced by glee when I tried their donuts - I especially loved the lychee flavoured one (the one with the green decoration)! I would definitely go back for more so I can try their other flavours!

J. Co Donuts & Coffee
Stop #3: Yaku - Japanese Restaurant

I think it's safe to say now that my favorite cuisine is Japanese. I never get tired of sushi, tempura, udon, gyozas, I just love them all! I had lunch here with my college friends Ange and Miguel. The food was amazing, and moderately priced (as I recall). I had some Prawn Tempura and Pork Katsudon. Yuuum!! I think the coolest part about the restaurant is the little remote thing on the table where you push a button and it's connected to all waiters' watches. I thought that was very efficient of them.

Yaku - Japanese Restaurant
Stop #4: Sumo Sam - steaks, seafood, and sushi

Here's another Japanese restaurant for ya! I went here with my high school best friends, Ariana and Sam. Firstly, their servings are huge! We all ordered one main each and some sides, and were so surprised to see their serving size. I had the salad, Prawn tempura, and sashimi - all very fresh and scrumptious! I especially liked the story on their menu, I thought that added a bit of home-y feel to the restaurant.

I went to their Greenbelt, Makati, branch.

Sumo Sam - steaks, seafood, sushi
Stop #5: Mexicali

This is my favourite Mexican restaurant of all time. I am yet to find one here in Auckland that can replace the Mexicali Restaurant in Glorietta, Makati. I've loved this place since I was a little girl and I made it a point to visit it again when I went home. I was very glad that it was still there! I was a bit disappointed with the service though, but other than that the food still tasted amazing! I had a chicken burrito (my usual), and some nachos and quesadillas. The chicken burrito was heaven! I love how they make it even, not like some places where you'll have all the meat in one part then the other part is just rice.

This is definitely the restaurant I miss the most! I guess the challenge now is to find one in Auckland.
Stop #6: BINONDO!

I saved the best for last! I spent a whole day with my dear friend Ange, and her friend Leonard who acted as our tour guide. This was my first time visiting Binondo, and had no idea that it was famous for its Chinese food! Needless to say, I had my fill of dimsums, dumplings, and noodles that day! It was also my first time to try Sugar Cane juice - I had no idea that it was so good! My favorite was the egg tarts from Lord Stow's bakery. I love a good egg tart, and the ones I had that day was the best I've ever had! Freshly made, very tasty - not too sweet - and the pastry was perfect - not too "puffy" so I didn't make a mess when I was eating them. I was eating from around 8am till 5pm that day and we broke Leonard's food stops record of 5 - we went to 7 different places! woohoo! Will definitely go back next time I'm home!

Binondo Food Trip!

There you have it foodies! Hope you enjoyed the food adventure! If you want to see more photos, I'll be posting the single photos on our facebook page :D

'Till our next food adventure!

Love you lots,


  1. Yey! It's posted! We did a lot of walking too, more than we usually do when the group's bigger. Special mention must be given to Lanzhou Lamian! Best hand-pulled noodles ever! Til the next time you're here :)

    1. definitely the longest "walk" i've had! it was heaps of fun though. can't wait for our next food adventure Ange! <3