What To Do: Overripe Avocados

January 30, 2013


Like me, I'm sure all of you have these little things here and there in your kitchen that you have no idea how to use or where to place. Sometimes the only solution is to just chuck them in the bin. BUT before you do that, let's see if we can put that something into good use, okay?

Hello dear foodies,

This is it! I may have gone bonkers, but I'm going to present to you... drum roll... a new little series called "What To Do"! (Cue applause)

And today's item is overripe avocados! I was going to make some sandwiches with them, but I forgot and now they're overripe. The horror!

However do not fret, because aside from being really tasty, avocados are known for their moisturizing powers. (Yes, I mean powers! *Avocadorium Skinsmootthsa!*) In fact you may have seen them as an ingredient to a lot of hair and skin treatments! So let's turn this baby into skin food.

There you go! I would suggest leaving it in for 30 minutes before rinsing it off, but it's all up to you and how comfortable you are with it. :)


  • Overripe Avocados
  • Olive Oil
  • Coconut Cream
You can even tweak it a little bit by adding other ingredients like:
  • Oats (for exfoliation)
  • Original Yogurt (as a coconut cream substitute)
If you're going to do this, let me see, cause I wanna see, so let me see and comment in the links to show me the awesomeness you have made!

I love you guys!

In craziness and food,

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