Here and back again

January 20, 2013

Hey foodies!

Did you miss us?! Because we definitely missed you guys! *cue tears of joy*

This is just a quick update of all the fun stuff you'll be seeing real soon, so you better stay tuned!

If that wasn't enough you should definitely watch out this week, because our dear keen bean Karyn is back from the Philippines and she'll be sharing all the foodie goodness you can imagine! Really! Yes! We're serious!

And finally, we've been cooking up a little teaser for what's to come this year. So watch and be hungry little foodies! Mwahahahahahaha!



  1. Yay :) awesome! And the new layout look great :D

    1. Thanks sweetsandbrains! glad you like the new layout! <3

  2. Loving the new look! And I'm super keen for what's in store! <3