Daruma (Sushi-Go-Round)

June 16, 2012

Hello food groupies!

It's time to share another food adventure! :D If you're following us on twitter and facebook, you might have seen a teaser photo we published yesterday (if not, you can like our facebook page here! So, on to the newest food adventure!

Quick Review:

Hiiiiiii! Welcome to today's food adventure! If you guessed sushi, you're right! If you guessed SUSHI TRAIN, that's even better! Yay! We went to the recently opened Daruma (Sushi-Go-Round) to have some yummy sushi and to enjoy the sushi train! If you want more Japanese food check here, if you want the pictures and reviews scroll down now!

Awesome Daruma Logo
Hi food groupies! Kaka here :)

Today's food adventure brought me to my very first sushi train restaurant! It was so exciting! We went in and were very enthusiastically greeted by their wait staff, and we got seated straight away. The rules in eating there is simple, you get a plate of sushi from the train, and you keep that plate with you. The color of the plate corresponds to a specific price. It's like yum char, where you pay for each serving you get. Now for some people, this might seem a bit on the expensive side, but I assure you, it is worth it!

Plate Pricing Scheme
Every single sushi I had was divine, my favorite was the seared miso salmon sushi (photos to follow) I loved it because the fish was so soft that I could hardly tell I was eating semi-raw fish! It also tasted great, they had this sauce that was lightly drizzled on the fish that was somewhat sweet and gave the sushi a very different taste. At least it was different from what I've tasted before. We actually ended up having two plates of this sushi! It was that good!

Seared Miso Salmon: $3.20
I also really liked the seared garlic mayo red prawn (it was my first time to eat semi-raw prawn. it was sooo goooood!). I never knew raw prawn could taste so sweet! It was very tender, just like the seared salmon, and it had just the right amount of garlic mayo which complemented the sweetness of the prawn. yummyyyyy!! :D

Seared Garlic Mayo Red Prawn: $4.50
We also had some takoyaki, and I really liked it! (Tata's a bit weirded out by the fish flakes so I ended up having majority of it.haha) It was nice and crunchy on the outside and soft and chewy inside. I also liked that there was more than one piece of octopus in it 

Takoyaki: $8.00
When we've had our fill of sushi, we moved on to dessert! They had 3 choices of dessert, we ordered the home-made pudding and the taiyaki & green tea ice cream. The pudding tasted kinda like egg tarts without the pastry, of course lol, but it also had this sweet, caramel topping that tastes so familiar, but I can't remember what it tastes like! haha. I really liked the pudding, personally, I don't like sweets, but this dessert had balance so I thought it was really good. With the taiyaki, I was a bit surprised that I ended up liking it. I'm not really a fan of green tea ice cream (don't judge me!), but it was a great complement to the taiyaki. So I loved that too!

Homemade Pudding: $4.50
Verdict: I am giving Daruma two thumbs up and 4 spoons! :D I definitely recommend this restaurant to someone who is looking for great-tasting sushi and is not afraid to shell out some cash! Mind you, it's not super expensive, it's only expensive if you compare it to fastfood sushi places, like the one in malls. You'll definitely think it's worth it after you have some of their sushi anyway. Also, the staff are very friendly and helpful. I also like the fact that you can eat at your own pace because you're basically serving yourself (except when you make special orders). We didn't have to wait long for the dessert either. So, yeah, if you've got a craving for some good sushi, this is the place to go to!


Tata orders you to eat here!

What does a stack of plates usually mean? It means we had a sushi affair. I will now cheat on pasta, sandwiches and burgers, because sushi is my new love. We were supposed to eat here last Saturday for lunch, but because of unforeseen circumstances it became a Friday dinner date.

The 12 plates of gluttony!
My mouthgasm started with the Seared California Roll. It was a beautiful crab and avocado mixture that was topped with a seared salmon and drizzled with small fish roe. Sushi has never been this good for me and maybe it means I can never go back to the dried fast food sushi places. 

Seared California Roll: $3.80
My second love was actually the King Fish Garlic Mayo. All fish, but no real fishy aftertaste. It was heaven to chew. It was really soft and it blended we with the rice that I personally couldn't distinguish the two. The fresh spring and red onions were awesome accents to the whole taste as well.

King Fish Garlic Mayo: $3.60
The most expensive sushi we had was the Salmon Roe, it wasn't my favorite, but it was an exciting experience. Each time it cam around, we were tempted to try it out because we've honestly never had it before. We gave in and gave in to the fresh egg and cucumber sensation. The cucumber were actually a necessary addition, because it complimented the fishiness of the eggs. It was a great subtle taste and unlike the saltiness of caviar, it wasn't overpowering at all.

Salmon Roe: $5.00
Desserts were a soft end to the brilliant dinner. The homemade pudding and the taiyaki with green ice cream were subtle flavors that allowed us to cleanse our fish adorned palletes.

Verdict: Maybe because this was our first sushi train we really didn't know what to expect, and the overwhelming goodness got to us. I'm throwing four spoons at this little place. I really enjoyed everything from the first bite to the last sip, so this definitely deserves a two thumbs up as well. It was bit pricey when everything was actually combined together, but that might be because of the fact that we ate so much. I'd definitely recommend that you come here! Okay? Yes? Agreed!


Some more sushi eye candy (that filled our belly) before we go!

Quite yummy with a chili spice kick!
Yakitori Chicken Roll: $3.60

Sweet and tasty, but it was cold.
Vegetable Tempura: $3.20

Nice spice, and interesting taste!
Seared Chili Mayo Scallop: $3.80

Cheers to the sweet sauce to the grilled eel.
Grilled Eel: $3.80

Light tender taste.
Trevally: $2.80

It was a tough fish, but still no fishy taste!
Flucke Fin: $3.60

Want to eat here too? Restaurant details are below.

Daruma Sushi Go Round
451 Ti Rakau Drive, East Tamaki
Check out website for their business hours and contact number.


  1. Yummmm! Everything looks soooo gooood! :D

  2. they were sooooo good!! best sushi i've had this year! ;D