Eight - A Culinary Journey

May 19, 2012

Hello Hello food groupies!

We're putting a pause on the UoA Special for the moment as we share with you the exciting news that we have, just recently, graduated from The University of Auckland! We'd also like to share with you the delicious food we had to celebrate this great moment in our lives! On our Graduation day, we found out we booked the same restaurant! (Great minds do think alike!! haha)

Read more about our food adventure in Langham Hotel's Eight!

Quick Review:

Before anything, look at us wearing our regalia! :"> Soooo awesome!

Now for today's food adventure that is Eight!

You might be wondering why the restaurant is named that way, it would be our pleasure to show you why...As this post's title says, Eight is a Culinary Journey - it is an all-you-can-eat restaurant that boasts eight open kitchens offering eight different "destinations". 

I, Kaka, went here with my family for lunch on my Graduation Day. When we got in, we were seated to our table straight away, were given menu for drinks and to the first-timers, they explained how the restaurant works. Basically, there are eight roads you can take in this culinary journey, each road with a different taste. Being the food-lover that I am, I made it a point to try something from every road (as would anyone who loves food would understand!). Walking into the space where the kitchens were, I went straight for the sushi - I really felt like sushi at the time, so even when the Dessert Road was calling out to me, I had to satisfy my sushi craving first! But because the food was too good, I kind of forgot to take photos of the little bits I tasted from every road (bad food blogger! :( ). Anyway, I managed to take some photos from a couple roads.

It's such a funny coincidence, but while Kaka enjoyed Eight for lunch. I, Tata, actually celebrated my graduation at Eight for dinner! True enough I got the easiest thing and went for Sushi. I had some seafood and grabbed some meat off my boyfriend's plate. I love the variety and all the little bits and pieces that were available. It was pretty late and I went on an eating spree, so I wasn't actually able to take a lot of pictures. Check out the photos below that I mashed with Karyn for a glimpse of the awesomeness.

Dessert Road: cold & hot desserts AND they have a chocolate fountain. 'nuff said.

Great Ocean Road: seafood & oyster bar! unlimited prawns, oysters, mussels, and other seafood? I was in food heaven! <3

Spice Route: curries, tandoori, homemade chutney and special cheese & garlic naan cooked on request. YUM!!

Typing this post is making me want to go back soon! At $50 per person for lunch, it was more than worth it. And because it is in a five-star luxury hotel, their service and quality of the food are both excellent.

Other roads are:
Route 66: steaks! American style!
Silk Road: dim sum, and noodles cooked on a hot wok right before your eyes!
Tokaido: sushi and sashimi! If you can't find the sushi you want they'll make it for you! + Miso soup!
The Garden Route: freshly tossed salad with veggies, dressing, and other ingredients of your choice. Yummy caesar salad for me please!
Champs-Elysees: breads, pastries, crepes and pancakes prepared on-the-spot, and the very delicious bread & butter pudding!

Karyn's Verdict: No doubts about it, I give Eight Two Thumbs Up and 5 spoons! They're definitely on my list of "special occasions restaurants"! If you're not the buffet type of person, they also have ala carte dining. Either way, if you want a different dining experience, this is the place!

Oh, and they gave me a gift for my Graduation! On the plate was 2 pieces of chocolate: 1 dark with strawberry filling, 1 white with a bit of dark chocolate at the top; and a green macaroon with purple filling! Soooo cuuuttteeee!!! Thanks Eight! <3

Tata's Verdict: How can the variety ever be less than stellar. I love everything and I love the dessert station. I want to go back again and get into it some more. The best thing about Eight is how helpful all the staff were and how cute each kitchen was. It made the whole dining experience even better. Until the next visit.


P.S. Check back in two weeks for another UoA special.

Want to eat here as well? Restaurant details are below!
83 Symonds St, Auckland CBD

For more information on booking, prices, and their menu, visit their website now!

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