Tata Turns Foodtastically 22

January 15, 2012

Welcome back food groupies! How's the new year treatin' ya? For our first post for 2012, we've decided to make it extra special. Join me in wishing our good friend, and fellow food groupie, Tata, a happy happy birthday!

And since it's her birthday, I (Kaka), am giving her free reign in this post :D Read more of Tata's 3-day birthday celebration, and all the yummy food she celebrated with!

Hello friends!

It's official, I'm old-er! But I take comfort on the fact that in a few months, Kaka will be too! >:))

I know that twenty-two is not that old, but it seems so far away from twenty-one. However, I'm glad to report that my love for food has not changed one bit! This week has been a whirlwind of intense food nomgasm!

Celebrations here and there has totally made me fat. The first two pictures show the birthday cake on my actual birthday.

It's a chiffon cake with custard and peach fillings from Rio Kitchen, an awesome Asian cake shop who also makes a variety of bread and sweet treats. If you're interested, check out their website details below. I really loved this cake because it was so soft and the icing was a light sweet cream. It wasn't hard and it felt very foamy! It also looks so gorgeous that I didn't even want to eat it first!

On my birthday party the next day, I invited my closest friends for an intimate wholesome fun celebration. Included in my guest list (of course) is my ever so beautiful, most amazing friend ever Kaka! She took these pictures and tasted all of the food I prepared!

Chocolate Brownie Cake

Vanilla Cupcakes

Two-tone Jellies
Sausage Rolls

Fried Chicken!



The feast included a brownie cake, colorful vanilla cupcakes, two tone jellies, chicken, spaghetti and sausage rolls! The last picture is something called 'Turon', which is a famous Filipino treat. Do you want to know more about it?

After my party, the next day, my family decided to go out for dinner. We ate at a Japanese Buffet named Kanda Sushi and Grill. It's so yummy and they have so many choices! Watch out for our review in a post coming soon for this intense eating experience!

Thank you for looking through my birthday food!

See you later,
P.S. Don't forget to check the Kanda review that's coming right up! 

Interested in Rio? Details are below!

Rio Kitchen


  1. Happy birthday! :)

    Food looks good. You made them yourself?

    1. sorry for the late reply ange! I'd like to say thank you on behalf of Tata :D and she did cook and prepare all the food (except the first cake), with the help of her boyfriend :)