Christmas Celebrations: Tata & Kaka Style!

December 31, 2011

How was your Christmas celebrations? Did you get what you want for Christmas? :)

Sorry about the late post groupies! We've both been having too much fun relaxing (and eating) that it slipped our mind to publish a post yesterday. Anyway, we thought we'd change it up a bit. This post won't be a review of a restaurant, but will be a peek at Christmas celebrations: Tata & Kaka style!

Happy Holidays Food Groupies! Kaka here :)

Check out the muffins I baked!!
Top: Strawberry & Cream Cheese
Bottom: Blueberry
Don't they look yummy?  Unfortunately, I forgot to take a photo of the Blueberry & Cream Cheese muffins :(  But according to my family and friends, they were really good! This was my first time baking by myself. It was like the Christmas spirit released the baker in me! I baked a total of 36 muffins that day! Out of that 36 muffins, I didn't have any. haha I just wanted to bake and bake and bake some more! If you want to know the recipe, it's really easy! Since I'm an amateur, I bought sweet muffin mix from the grocery, some organic blueberries, strawberry jam, and cream cheese. Just add water, milk, and a couple of eggs to the mix, mix it with a wooden spoon until creamy then add the blueberries. For strawberry and cream cheese, pour a bit of the mix in the baking tray, then jam, then mix, then cream cheese on top. Bake for 20-25 mins at 150 degrees celcius (i think). Easy right? :) Usually, there'll be instructions on the muffin mix's packaging on how to bake muffins. I just followed the instructions in mine. Or you could google other recipes. I only made these flavors 'cause these are the only ones I like.

Anyway, I spent my Christmas Eve with my family and some close family friends. I'm sorry about the not-so-glamorous photo of the food. I was too eager to eat that I forgot to take a photo before everyone dug in! We had potato salad, roast chicken and pork, pork barbecue on a stick, grilled asparagus, some sausages too. And for dessert: blueberry cheesecake, fudge brownies, and smores! yuuummm!
As you can see, everyone was already gathered 'round the table with plates on their hands when I took the photo.
We also took some individual, and family, photos! And being me, I took more than one! haha (but I'm not posting them all here!) 
Here's my photo by the tree :)
And here's me pretending to be a model (Find the similarity with Tata's outfit photo ;) )
Meet my wacky family! I tried to look for  a "serious" photo, but found none. haha

So that was my Christmas! Nothing fancy, but made special by friends and family. How was your Christmas? As for the New Year's celebration, I'm still debating whether to stay home, or accept one of the many invites to close friends' and family's house. Whatcha think? What about you? How are you celebrating the end of 2011, and the beginning of 2012?

HELLO 2011 food lovers! It's me Tata and I have some Christmas food stories for you! <3

Me and the boyfriend decided to do a Christmas Eve brunch at The Coffee Club. I love the fact that they had an all day breakfast menu, so I was quick to grab the bacon, egg and toast meal with vanilla milkshake. He chose to get a chicken sandwich with a side of chips.

Then Christmas Eve dinner with the family and some close family friends. We had shrimp, steak, baked potato and bacon, asparagus and bacon salad and some baked macaroni! YUM! If you're wondering why it's so bright outside, it's because the sun sets so late during this time of the year. The days are really longer than the nights.

We had some treats that was quickly consumed as we waited for Christmas!

Here's the family, blocking the tree. :))

My Christmas Eve outfit! Funny story, I was browsing my news feed and saw Kaka post some Christmas pictures and we had the same pose, same foot popped! Although she posed with the opposite side facing the camera, it was really funny. Well I found it funny anyway!

Finally we spent Christmas lunch and afternoon at the beach and then we made our way to our friend's house at the place they used to film Xena the Warrior Princess at! Cool huh!

There ya go folks! We loved sharing our Christmas celebrations with you! Here's to a great 2011 with all of you and an even better 2012! We'd love to hear how your Christmas went, and your plans for New Year's. Flick us a comment and tell us all about it!

For the love of food,
P.s. We've got something special in store for all you food groupies out there. Be sure to check back in on January 15th, 2012 for a nice surprise!

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