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January 15, 2012

Hi food groupies!

How's your 2012 so far? Any delightful food stories you wanna share with us? 

In this post we're doing a two-part review of Kanda - the new Japanese restaurant at Ti Rakau Drive. Kaka will review their lunch eat-all-you-can package, while Tata is in charge of their dinner buffet. Also, we've got some exciting announcements for you!

Read on, and enjoy the sushi, udons, and tempura! Make sure you read 'till the end for our exciting news! :D



If you can't read Japanese, that translates to "Hello friends!". At least that's what Google Translate said. haha! Anyway, how was your New Year's celebration foodies? And how's 2012 treating you so far? I gotta say, it's only the 1st month of the year and all my January and February weekends are now booked for parties! Looks like I'm gonna be busy partying all year!..Moving on to the review! I went to Kanda with my parents for Christmas lunch. Check out our photos below enjoying the yummy yummy sushi Kanda has to offer in their lunch menu!

me and my plate full of sushi <3
meet my mum!
Check out her page Bloom Where You're Planted for inspirational quotes and her beautiful photos.

Kanda has a very different style of serving their customers. You come in and are greeted by a friendly waiter/waitress, then you'll be seated almost instantly. Once seated, your waiter will give you their menu and a piece of paper. On that paper is a list of everything offered and you just write how much you want beside the name. For example: 4 salmon sushi. That means you'll get 4 pieces of salmon sushi. Pretty straight-forward.

Before anything, I would like to say that I never used to eat "real" sushi. For me, real sushi are the ones made with raw fish and I shudder just at the thought of eating raw fish. So the only sushi I've tasted are those with cooked ingredients in them. However, Kanda changed my mind regarding salmon sushi. Here's some photos of their salmon sushi:

salmon and seared salmon sushi
seared salmon sushi (close-up)
I was apprehensive at first thinking that it would taste horrible and that it might induce vomiting. I took a piece of salmon sushi, dipped in soy sauce with wasabi and ate it in one bite. It was divine! For raw fish, I didn't even taste the yucky raw fish I had imagined, it didn't smell either. It was a great first time to eat real sushi. All thanks to Kanda! Now I can confidently say that I eat sushi.

Other than salmon sushi, we tried a whole bunch of other sushi as well. Their lunch menu consists of various kinds of sushi, fried rice, udon, chicken and salmon teriyaki, and dumplings, among others. Check out photos of our order:

They also offer free tea. I forgot to ask what tea it was but it tasted really good. All I know is it's not green tea. The taste was completely different, it was very subtle. The only thing I would recommend is for their wait staff to have a stronger grasp of the English language. Some of their waiters found it hard to talk to us when we were asking questions, and had to call someone else. Other than that, everything was perfect. I almost forgot to mention the price! It's $17.99 per person for all-you-can-eat sushi. For me, that's incredibly cheap (since I can eat a whole heap of sushi) if you compare it to buying it individually at sushi shops. By the way, their lunch hours is 11:30am - 2:30pm. Make sure you come in early so you have ample time to eat all the sushi you want!

Verdict: Overall it was a great food experience! I would definitely come back for more! Actually, I've already made plans to come back. I shall forever remember Kanda as the reason why I now eat real sushi. So, if you love sushi and are after high-quality sushi at an affordable price I recommend you pay a visit to Kanda Sushi & Grill Restaurant. Two Thumbs Up!


Ohayou Gozaimasu Minna!

When they said Japanese buffet, we said "Challenge Accepted"! I've already been to Kanda twice and to be sure I'm going again! They have such a wide range of choices and their dinner menu is absolutely superb. They charge $32.99 from Friday to Sunday and $29.99 for the rest of the weekdays for their dinner menu. I loved the variety of food and the atmosphere of everything. They serve quite fast and I always have a plate full of food waiting to be consumed.

Verdict: It's everything I ever dreamed of and more! Kanda is the equivalent of a Japanese fast food restaurant that is well priced and serves good quality Japanese food. It's not the next five star Japanese cuisine, but it fills the stomach in the best way possible. So if you have the chance, do check them out! The meal is worth it!

P.S. Here's the exciting news we can't wait to tell you! 

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Want to eat here as well? Restaurant details are below!

Kanda Sushi and Grill
295 Ti Rakau Drive
Visit them to learn more about their menu.


  1. Mmmm looks delicious. I love sushi.

  2. It is delicious! and it'll be so worth it if you love sushi :D

  3. waaa japanese food yum!:) awesome photos too guys:) Hey Kaka congrats you ate raw fish AND rice.

  4. Thanks Marnelli!! yeah! Ate rice after avoiding it like the plague for 2 years haha

  5. Hey I awarded you guys the Kreativ Blogger Award:) more details here http://sweetsandbrains.wordpress.com/2012/01/23/kreativ-blogger-award/

    1. awww :"> Thank you so much for the award Marnelli! <3

  6. Did you try their gyoza? Any good? :)

    Looks like I'm adding this to the list of restos I'm dining in once I visit you there one day. Make a mental note, Kaka. ;)

  7. yup! it was pretty average for me. But then again I think I only had one, 'coz I was busy eating so much sushi! haha

    Noted, my dear! :D