Neighbours Restaurant - Auckland CBD

January 30, 2012

Hello friends,

It's time for more food goodness and this time we've actually come full circle! Last year when we started our blog, we actually shot our moving quick review gif's in this restaurant.and we realized just this month that we haven't really reviewed this awesome little place. So come and see a sneak peak of the amazing food! <3

Quick Review:

Let the yummy-ness begin!

I could say that this is one restaurant that Kaka and I often visit. It's our go to place for quick and yummy snacks or really great and cheap meals. They offer a variety of food with rice or noodles and some favorite snacks.

FISH BALLS ($4.00)
The picture above was my meal and looking at how much there is, makes it so obvious that I was really hungry! The fried pork chop was really good and tasty. I think anything with breading in this restaurant is awesome. It must be the spices in them. The noodles are always too much. I always feel like I'm endlessly eating. I should call it the bottomless noodle soup. The fried fish balls are always a tasty addition. I like having some sort of snack to compliment what I already have!

Then we come to the tofu jelly, also known in the Philippines as Taho, and it's my greatest guilty pleasure. I can eat this stuff forever! I think if we were asked one reason why we often go back to this place it would be that. It's that awesome!

Verdict: If the pictures weren't able to make you salivate yet. It sure has reminded me to go back for some more! I really like the easy menu, it's not the most unique and spectacular food in the world, but its cheap, fulfilling and they have taho! I mean come on, how can you not like that? I'm giving them a super thumbs up!


Hi friendly friends! Kaka here...

How are you liking the sound of Neighbours Restaurant so far? Yum, huh? :)

I still remember the first time I came here with Tata. It was such a great day because we finally found a place that served taho (tofu jelly with pearls)! Anyway, we went down the stairs and were greeted by this really nice and soft shade of peppermint green. They had a wall of photos of everything they had in their menu, and the way to order was you get a little piece of paper beside your desired meal and hand it to the cashier. The paper has the name and price of the meal/snack. Very fast and hassle-free!

I usually order noodles when I go here, but I could never finish it so today I decided to try out one of their rice dishes. So I ordered the Taiwanese Sausage on rice and of course, Tofu jelly with pearls. Here's a photo of my meal:


oh so yummy taho <3
If you're curious about all the other stuff in my plate, it's tofu, string beans, and more veggies. All their rice dishes come with these. At first I couldn't really taste the sausage, but I soon realised that I couldn't taste it because I kept having a spoon of tofu jelly (which is a sweet treat) before I have some of the sausage. So, I stopped doing that and just ate the sausage with the rice. It tasted good, as good as any Taiwanese sausage I've had. I actually really liked the tofu and the other veggies it came with. The veggies balanced the strong taste of the sausage, so that it wasn't too overpowering. After eating my meal, I ate my tofu jelly really slowly savoring every bite. Sooo good!!

Verdict: If it isn't obvious yet, I am giving Neighbours Restaurant Two Thumbs Up! :D This place is definitely in my list of "Favourite Restaurants" in Auckland. To all you Filipino food groupies living in Auckland, if you're craving for some taho, Neighbours is the place to go to! I should tell you though, that they serve it cold (not hot, like we traditionally have it), but it's just as good! Well done Neighbours! See you again soon!

Love food always,
P.S. We are changing our quick review photos soon. So if you're as excited as we are, then check back on the 15th for another food review!

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Want to eat here as well? Restaurant details are below!

Neighbours Restaurant
8 Lorne Street, Auckland CBD
113 Meadowlands Drive, Howick
Visit them to learn more about their menu.


  1. Yay Neighbours! Yay taho :)

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    1. Thank you Carole! :) I've seen Tyler St Garage in the city and I've always wanted to try their menu. I've added it to our "restaurants to visit" list. Hopefully we'll be able to review it soon! btw, check out our facebook page as well, just search "The Food Adventures of Tata and Kaka" and it should come up. Thanks again!