A Halloween Special

November 01, 2011

Hola food groupies!

How have you been? Well, we've been busy slaving in the kitchen all day...actually, not all day, just for a couple of hours making yummy creations to share with you in today's Halloween special! Here's a teaser of what's to come:

We made these gorgeous cupcakes (they're real yummy too!) to share with all you Food Groupies!!nom nom nom..... They're actually cookies and cream flavoured, with vanilla frosting. And we used real Oreos for authentic flavour!

We cooked and decorated them ourselves too. 

Well, Tata did most of the baking and cooking..I just tasted it.haha - Kaka 

No, you didn't! I was eating more things than you! - Tata

And since we loooove it when our food has fun twists, we used Oreos as our cupcake's base! Look!!!

So here's the result of our hard work:

Spiderweb without the spider - yet!

Can't have a halloween without a tombstone!

Yes, they're eyeballs... No not spaghetti...

Do you like our monster? Because he likes you... To eat anyway!


Guess who died...

We did... :(

No, joke, we still had to make these...

The spiderweb has a spider!!!

Want the recipe? It's real easy! We just bought a cake mix followed the instructions and added crushed Oreo's! Then we used writing icing and instant vanilla frosting for decoration. Yes, we were lazy. So what, it's halloween!!! Ok, time for you guys to make your own little treats!

In food and ghosts,

P.S. Check back in two weeks for a new restaurant review!


  1. oreo cupcakes the best!! now can I have some?? XD

  2. you certainly can!! drop by Tata's house and have your pick! ;)

  3. terrifyingly delicious!!!!

  4. creepy cuute:P love the eyeballs:)

  5. Thanks Jake and sweetsandbrains! :D We had tons of fun making them! and then, we couldn't eat them coz they were too cute!