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November 15, 2011

Hola friendly friends!

First, I'd like to apologize for the long wait. We've both been busy with University requirements and our part-time jobs and only now found time to work on this. With that said, let's begin with the review of Momo Tea (Britomart)!

Quick Review:

This was actually an accidental discovery. Tata and I were just walking around trying to find a nice place to eat when we stumbled upon Momo Tea. You see, we thought there were only 2 Momo Tea's in Auckland, 1 in Birkenhead, and the other in the city which was called "Momo Tea Express" (now "Hulu Cat Express") since they didn't serve full meals. So it was a happy event when we stepped in and saw that they offered full meals!

Pearl Mania! <3

Looking back, the restaurant had a good ambiance. However, they could have done better with newer seats. Most of their sofas had ripped seats (this was soon replaced with new seats as we found out when we returned the following week). We sat and expected the kind of service we always got at Momo Tea Birkenhead - not good. However, they were very pleasant. I ordered my favourite Rock Melon Milkshake with Pearls and it was ready in less than 5 minutes! :D soooo yum!

Kaka's drink: ROCK MELON MILKSHAKE W/ PEARLS ($7.50)

Kaka's meal: RICE NOODLES WITH EGG GRAVY ($11.50)

For my meal, I ordered noodles with egg gravy. Like the milkshake, I received my meal without having to wait a long time. The aroma was so good that I dove right to it and started eating. The noodles was cooked properly, and the egg gravy and other ingredients' - chicken, prawns, veggies - tastes blended so well. Needless to say, even if it was a big serving, I managed to eat it all because it was so good!

Verdict: So, what do I have to say about Momo Tea (Britomart)? TWO THUMBS UP! I definitely recommend this restaurant to anyone who's after an affordable and worth-it meal. And to anyone craving Rock Melon milkshake ;)

There ya go lovelies, keep checking our blog for more food reviews!

Aspiring food guru,

Why hello there,

First of all, I genuinely like Momo Tea. They serve food fast, the have them in these gigantic servings and I simply LOVE bubble tea. Actually I love anything with pearls. I really do! So I had to take all my bias for pearls away and judge the food.

BTW: My drink was heaven. I'm actually becoming less of a milk tea person and going for the cold tea with pearls type of girl instead.
The thing about this meal is that it was blazing hot when I got it. I burnt my tongue trying to eat it! However, yes I admit, that was my fault. It was a big serving of noodles meat and vegies. The first bite was good, I was exploring a new taste. The next one was still hot, but I was hungry so I took anyway. The third and fourth and fifth and maybe sixth were all like that. Maybe we can even go as far as the tenth bite, it was all plain and good! However after a while, my taste buds didn't want to finish it. I was tired of eating it and I wasn't as enthusiastic. It was sad really. 

Verdict: It was alright. Great service, great tea and yet just a plain average meal. I will come back though, it's worth another shot (and a different order). YAY!

Until we eat again,
Want to eat here as well? Restaurant details are below!

Momo Tea Britomart
28 Fort St, Auckland CBD
Visit their website to learn more about their other branches.

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