Daikoku - Izakaya/Japanese Cuisine

October 19, 2011

Hello fans,

Talk about neglect. Sorry for taking so long. Here is some tasty Japanese yumm for you! :)

Quick Review:


Ramen is love. I enjoy eating ramen, especially spicy ones! So when we sat down at Daikoku and I looked at the menu, I immediately decided to have the Hot Energy Ramen. All I can say is, I wish I had a bigger stomach so I could have finished it all! Daikoku's Hot Energy Ramen consists of pork and fried vegetables in a spicy miso flavoured soup, and is one of the spiciest ramen they serve. Here's a photo of my meal:

Kaka's meal: HOT ENERGY RAMEN ($13.50)
 Ramen with pork and fried vegetables in a spicy miso flavoured soup

This wasn't my first time to eat at Daikoku but this was my first time to eat at this branch. I'd have to say that their interior was very beautiful and clean, as what you can expect if you've visited other Daikoku restaurants before. The service was quick and we were seated at a table within 5 minutes. We also didn't have to wait long for our meal to arrive. I loved it! The noodles was cooked perfectly, the meat and vegetables' taste blended well with the spicy miso soup. The spiciness (you know what I mean) was just divine. For someone who can handle spicy food, this was perfect. It definitely hit the spot. So if you're after a spicy ramen, but want to try something new as well, and you've got a big appetite that needs satisfying (their serving is huge), I definitely recommend Daikoku's Hot Energy Ramen! Oh, almost forgot, the prawn tempura was lovely too. It came with a special dipping sauce, which initially, I thought was just plain mayonnaise, but it wasn't. I'm not entirely sure what it is but it tasted really good with the prawn.

Verdict: I give Daikoku TWO THUMBS UP! So if you're keen to have some Japanese Cuisine, be sure to try Daikoku restaurant and you'll surely get your money's worth!

Aspiring Food Guru,

Hello there,

What can I say? Prawns make my eyes turns to hearts and they're so yummy I had to order one for myself as well. One order of prawn tempura is never enough for two food crazy people!

Tata's meal: TERIYAKI CHICKEN DON ($12.00)
Chicken with teriyaki sauce on rice

The chicken was alright, it was a wonderful sweet and salty combination! I think I enjoyed the chicken more with the bean sprouts and the salad than the rice. Although rice generally compliments it, I think I wasn't feeling the rice at that time! Bad food critic, bad food critic! HOW can you not enjoy rice. I don't know, I really don't know. :{) Mustache.

Verdict: I would recommend this as a simple lunch place. Great variety and the food is decent enough for the price. Bonus that the ambiance is really cozy! I'm really keen to try other Daikoku restaurants as well, I heard they offer quite a different experience!


Want to eat here as well? Restaurant details are below!

Daikoku Restaurant
25 Victoria St West, Auckland CBD
Visit their website to learn more about their menu.


  1. Wowww best prawns everr

  2. thanks for posting our very first comment Jake! the prawn tempura was indeed very yummy! :D