UoA Special: Excel Cafe

April 01, 2012

Hello Students and/or Foodies!

This is part deux of our University of Auckland Special. Ready to go hunger up and experience with us cafe's all around uni. Our next stop is the Excel Cafe in OGGB. If you're a commerce or first year student, you probably have one or two or all of your classes in this awesome building and a building needs food sources of course, so this is one of the two cafe's in this part of the university. Come check it out!

Quick Review:

On to the food!

During the final days of uni, I had started an addiction with frank drinks! I started consuming everything with it in tow. My meal for that day was a large plate of chicken ravioli in pesto sauce.

Excel cafe offers many other sandwiches and salads that can be scavenged from other cafe's. I however have always had a preference for this particular place mainly because of its location and its mind blowing pesto sauce. My favorite, not pictured, is their chicken pesto sandwich. I must admit this place is a bit pricey, but its a good source of hunger busters without having to dreadfully walk all the way to the quad.

Tata's Drink: FRANK KEY LIME, LEMON & BITTERS ($4.50)


I really liked this particular pasta dish. Mainly because the chicken ravioli was way better than the beef number I consumed from La Porchetta. If you don't remember, click here and read on!

The chicken filled the pasta nicely and the pesto sauce blended nicely with the whole dish. Now to be sure, Excel cafe will not be replacing your favorite pasta place, but it's a good source of snacks and fillers when you're studying at OGGB.

Verdict: Excel Cafe, excels at 4 spoons! My experience has always been grand, although its not a gourmet meal, it has always been quite satisfying!


Hello again food groupies and welcome to our 2nd UoA Special cafe review!

Being a Commerce student, my uni home has always been the Owen G Glenn Building (OGGB), and I've grown to love Excel Cafe. It's conveniently located at OGGB's atrium, so no need to walk up to the quad (yay!). And their staff are nice & pleasant to talk to as well.

If you've been following us from the start, you already know that I'm a coffee-drinker and have had barista experience. So when I order coffee from a cafe I always have high standards. Today I ordered a Mochaccino. I was disappointed at the first sight of it. Knowing that a Mocha has to have a dome (of froth), and that it was a bit messy with the chocolate powder literally all over the cup and saucer. However, my disappointment was placated by the taste. It was a good mocha! The perfect combination of sweet & bitter. Just a reminder though, the taste of the coffee in cafes that use manual espresso machines really depend on the barista. I've made a mental note of my barista in Excel cafe and was glad to see him there that day! :D Not sure if he still works there though...But yeah, when you get a coffee that you love, remember your barista! Anyway, on to the food! scroll down a bit to check out my Spinach & Ricotta Ravioli in pesto sauce.

Kaka's drink: LARGE MOCHACCINO ($4.50)


Oh, looking at the photos makes me want to have some now! First off, my ravioli seemed a bit under-cooked for my taste. The folded edges were slightly hard to chew. But that didn't stop me from loving the taste! I loved the filling of the ravioli, with their pesto sauce and the cheese, and the slight taste their pepper brings to the dish. It is a bit pricey, but if you want good food, then it's not too far from OGGB Level 0! Also, they have really good paninis and salads. Try them some time if you're not up for a heavy lunch :)

Verdict: I award Excel 4 spoons as well! For consistently providing great tasting food and awesome customer service. Check them out next time you're in OGGB!

More to come in two weeks!

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Want to eat here as well? Restaurant details are below!

Excel Cafe
Level 1, OGGB
12 Grafton Road, Auckland CBD


  1. how bout trying PiKo at AUT as for your next blog ;)

    1. Thanks for the recommendation Dexter! Will add that to our to-visit list! :D

  2. Sound cool..Looking very delicious.

    1. Thanks for checking out our post! :D