UoA Special: Strata Cafe and Giveaway Winner!

March 15, 2012

Welcome back food groupies!

This post is very special since it commences our University of Auckland special. So if you're a student of our beloved university, we're hoping this can help you in finding that awesome but elusive lunch place! Now let's get on to it. First up is Strata Cafe!

Quick Review:

Almost forgot! We're announcing the WINNER of our Happy Hearts Giveaway in this post so make sure you read up to the end to find out if you won the $30 voucher! <3

Why hello there friendly friends! Kaka here, how have you all been? :)

Well, today is the first of a few posts we'll be having on cafes in the University of Auckland. We thought we'd do you UoA students a great service by reviewing them and sharing our food experiences while we were still at uni. Starting with Strata - the cafe in IC4 that we all think is exclusively for postgrad students. Anyway, Tata and I went in and there was a massive queue. I almost wanted to turn back and just eat at the quad but I noticed the line was moving quite fast so we stayed. Here's what I ordered that day:

Kaka's Drink: ICED MOCHA ($4.70)

Looks yummy, right? Well, it is! I loved the fact that they had outside seating. It was a hot day so it felt good to be sitting outside with the wind softly blowing, while I sipped on my Iced Mocha. The drink came in a normal sized glass (it's small if you compare it to Momo Tea's glass though), and tasted pretty good - not too sweet, and not bland. The only complaint I had was that the ice didn't seem to have been blended long enough since there were big chunks of it in my drink. As for my schnitzel, it was cooked to perfection! Nice and crispy on the outside and tender and juicy chicken inside. It came with salad, which I thought could have used more feta cheese (but maybe that's only because i love feta cheese?), and a side of sweet chilli sauce. I admit, I'm not a big fan of sweet chilli sauce, but it was a nice addition to the schnitzel and gave it the kick it needed to be a memorable meal. 

Verdict: Overall, I would recommend Strata for, maybe, a treat day while you're at uni. It can be a bit pricey compared to what you can get from the quad. But you know you get those days when you just want to eat something nice, on a plate, and is brought to your table. If you don't want to walk too far and you're already in IC, then Strata's worth a visit. I also noticed their sandwiches and paninis were selling rather fast, which could probably mean that they're nice and yummy too! :D I give Strata 3.5 spoons!


Tata is in the house!!! Literally!

I have fond fond memories of Strata and yet it is not my favorite cafe. I've always been an OGGB girl, thus I have a sense of loyalty towards Spicers (More on that next time). However one thing that always captivates me, when I'm on the top floor of the IC is the fantastic trees hanging about the balcony! That's atmosphere for you!

Tata's drink: BANANA SMOOTHIE ($4.70)
Tata's meal: PASTA W/ FIELD MUSHROOMS ($11.00)

I have to be honest, because what use is this review without honesty? This particular meal from Strata was quite disappointing. The pasta dish was quite bland and even if mushrooms are always a favorite, it didn't help at all. The cheese on top wasn't the best it could have been, as if they grated something that was hard after being left in the fridge without a cover. The only redeeming part of my meal was the milkshake, which I finished quite quickly.

Verdict: All in all I am giving Strata a 3, which is actually a better score because I did have good moments in Strata. I had divine pastries and sandwiches which got me through long tumultuous days.


Finally, what all of you probably have been waiting for! The winner was picked randomly from the list. We would like to thank all the participants and we'll be sharing some more goodies for you soon, so remember to like our facebook page and/or follow us on twitter for updates!

And the winner is...

Come back again,

Want to eat here as well? Restaurant details are below!

Strata Cafe
Level 4, Kate Edgar Information Commons
11 Symonds Street, Auckland CBD

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