Cape Reinga Weekend and Giveaway Prize!

February 29, 2012

Hello fellow food-lovers! It's good to be back, writing this post for all of you. Unfortunately, we don't have a restaurant to share with you in this post. But! We have something better! Our group of friends, Tata included, have started a February Road Trip Tradition. Last year we went to Goat Island, this year we went for a weekend trip to the Bay of Islands, the northern tip of New Zealand's North island..Read on to see my (kaka) adventure! 

Check out  Cape View and Rarawa Beach: famous for its super fine, white sand. When I first saw it I thought it almost looked like it was snow! 

Rarawa Beach. 

Here's more photos of the places we visited:

- Te Kao, Local Ice Cream Shop - the "best ice cream shop in the far far north": because I wasn't really up to  being spontaneous that day, I went with Hokey-Pokey ice cream. It's vanilla ice cream with small round bits of honeycomb toffee. yummy! I have to tell you though, their "single scoop" is nearly 4 scoops! so worth it!
Stopped at the "best ice cream shop in the far far north"
- Cape Reinga: where the Pacific Ocean and the Tasman Sea meet. The Maori people also believe that this is where your spirit will go before you leave this world, visiting the Pohutukawa tree before going back home. The view was breathtaking! Everywhere I looked it was like staring at a postcard, it felt too good to be true. If you ever have a chance to visit New Zealand, make sure you go to Cape Reinga :)

Cape Reinga. What. A. View.
- Te Paki Sand Dunes: according to our bus driver, the Northern part of the North Island used to be a sand bed which explains why there are sand dunes. Or something along those lines. haha. So we went and climbed a sand hill (dune) then went sand surfing! I admit, I was so scared to do it the first time, and ended up eating so much sand! (it's like salt, except it's not salty.haha) But I did it a second time and it wasn't as scary anymore. It was very exhilarating, made me feel so alive.

Sand surfing at the sand dunes! Thanks for editing the photo, Pin!
Since this is a food blog, of course there'll be photos of food! :D We had make-your-own pizza night after our day-long tour, we also had some yummy tacos! (unfortunately, it was so yum I didn't have time to take a photo coz we all just dug right in). The next day we cooked some steak, sausages, and bacon on the barbie then went to the beach for a swim before we headed back to Auckland.

Thank you Joyce and Pin for taking these photos! :D
Thanks for reading this post groupies! Don't forget to read right up to the end for the giveaway prize details! :D



My weekend hasn't been nearly as exciting as Kaka's was. Due to some events, I wasn't able to come to the annual shindig! I was also a bit under the weather. :(

But here are some highlights of my Saturday. I hope we'll find a place to eat in Wyndham to review soon! :)

I found these little cuties in a friend's house! Angry Birds Game! :"D

I know there weren't any foodgasm adventures in my part of the post, but I promise to bring full on foodie love on the next one!

Love always,
P.S. Giveaway prize details below!

As I'm sure you are all aware, we currently have a giveaway competition going on at the moment, and we haven't announced the prize yet! Sorry! But here it is.....The chosen Valentine's Day celebration will win a....(drum roll please!)

$30 gift voucher for theobroma,
The Chocolate Lounge!

Theobroma serves a wide range of hand made Belgian-styled chocolate products - chocolate pieces, drinks, and some very yummy food like waffles, and fruits with chocolate! If you want to know more about their menu, visit their New Zealand website here. To join, like our facebook page then click on "Happy Hearts Giveaway" on the lefthand side then type away! :) 

*Giveaway available only to Auckland residents.

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